The physicians at Alabama Ophthalmology are providers with many insurance carriers including the list on the left edge of the page.

We will file your claim for your office visit, testing and surgery. If we are not a provider with your vision plan, we can give you all of the necessary information to file your claim with your vision plan insurance. Please call our business office should you have any questions about your insurance. Payment for all non-covered services is due at time of service. We accept cash, check, visa, mastercard and discover card.

Surgery Billing

We will gladly file a claim for your surgery with your insurance carrier(s). We will review your benefits with your carrier and determine if you have a deductible or co-pay amount. If you have a deductible or co-pay related to your surgery, we ask that you pay those amounts prior to your surgery. The amount you pay prior to surgery is only an estimate. You may receive a bill from us after surgery.

After the surgery, we will file a claim with your insurance carrier. Once we have heard from your insurance carrier(s), we will send you a bill if you owe additional amounts not included in our estimate. You may receive up to 3 different bills related to your surgery:

  • - The doctor that performed the surgery (that’s us),
  • - The hospital or outpatient facility where you had your surgery,
  • - The anesthesia person that administered your anesthesia for surgery.

Please read these bills carefully and call us at (205) 918-1237 if you have questions about your bill. Please call the hospital if you have questions about its bill.