Dry Eye and Other Ocular Surface Disease

Dry Eye Management

There are a many ways to manage this condition, depending on its severity. Treatment options include the use of high quality artificial tears, prescription drops, oral medications, lid hygiene, punctal plugs, and special contact lenses.

Ocular Surface Disease Treatment

We are experienced with ocular surface disease, including chemical injuries, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, and Ocular Cicatricial Pemphigoid. Sometimes ocular surface reconstruction procedures are necessary including amniotic membrane placement and/or limbal stem cell transplants.

Treatment of Corneal Infections

Corneal infections can range from mild to very severe, even leading to perforation of the cornea. Our doctors are skilled in recognizing and treating even the most severe types of infections. Treatment may involve topical medications, injections, amniotic membrane grafting, and even emergency corneal transplant.

Treatment of Cancer of the Eye

We effectively treat cancer involving the conjunctiva (known as CIN). Mild cases of CIN can often be treated with eye drops. More advanced cases may require surgery, which our doctors are proficient in performing.