Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer - Before Skin Cancer - After

Skin cancer around the eyelids is an increasing problem in Alabama. We believe skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, which is in ample supply in our state. Skin cancer around the eyelids present a difficult problem in which oculoplastic experts are often called in to help solve. Removal of skin cancers in the eyelid area requires a team approach with specially-trained dermatologists who perform Mohs surgery. The Mohs procedure removes the cancer and inspects the edges of the defect to assure the cancer has been completely removed. The eyelid is then repaired by an oculoplastic surgeon. The recognized expert in this reconstructive surgery is the oculoplastic surgeon. We are specially trained, with years of experience in restoring the form and function of eyelids following skin cancer surgery.

Skin cancers around the eyelid always need to be treated. The skin cancer is removed by a Mohs dermatologist, who is an expert in removing the skin cancer with two goals in mind. The first goal is to completely remove the skin cancer and the second goal is to preserve as much of the adjacent normal tissue as possible. Mohs surgery allows the Mohs dermatologist to look at the edges of the excision under a microscope at the time of surgery to determine that all of the cancer has been removed. This is the most precise and safest way to remove skin cancers around the eyelids.

Restoring the form and function of the eyelids is the job of the oculoplastic surgeon. In most cases, a natural-appearing eyelid can be achieved.