Pediatric Cataract Surgery

Pediatric Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are "cloudy" changes in the natural lens which limit one’s view of the outside world. The condition is especially serious in children because vision loss may be permanent if the cataracts are not removed in a timely fashion.


Surgery involves removal of the entire lens by cutting and aspirating the cataract in fragments. In children, sutures are required to keep the incisions closed for the appropriate healing process.


A bandage is placed over the eye for protection the first night. The dressing is removed in the office after the first day and a protective shield is often necessary for the first week while the child sleeps. Drops and ointment are administered to prevent infection and promote healing for the next 1 month.

Visual Rehabilitation

Since the natural lens is a primary focusing structure in our eyes, its complete removal during surgery requires a replacement device. Depending on the child, options include a permanent lens implant, contact lenses or glasses.

Long Term

Children affected with cataracts often develop amblyopia (lazy eye) and require patching therapy to stimulate visual development. They are also at risk for scarring and glaucoma (high eye pressure) that may necessitate additional surgery in the future. Most children do very well and simply need 2-4 follow up visits a year.